keep it cute casual and fashionably stylish! — May 25, 2017

keep it cute casual and fashionably stylish!

Hello, friends, are you having a hard time finding an outfit that’s casual, easy going and yet totally stylish?IMG_4599.JPG

Well, dolls today I have just the inspiration you need. Today’s look is carefree and fashionably laid back.

I actually wore this cute and color outfit to class on Tuesday. I wore a casual blazer and a fitted leather jacket and layered with a colorful Aztec scarf.

Darlin, I know it’s May, so why am I wearing a blazer and a jacket you might ask?

well, for the past few days its been quite chilly here in New York. I kid you not The weather in New York is bi-polar -one day it’s 97 degrees and the next day it’s 50 degrees.

I know! its Cray Cray 🙄

Anyway, Back to the outfit





           well that’s all the fashion for today Darlings

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Happy Birthday To Me!! — May 24, 2017

Happy Birthday To Me!!


Hellooooo my fashionable friends welcome back to my blog. I hope you’ve been well.

So last week Thursday was my birthday, yippie!! I turned 30 for the umptif


For some reason Birthdays always make me emotional,  However, to be honest ever since I’ve turned  30 birthdays only reminds me of how much I have yet to still accomplish in my life.

Although I am thrilled to be celebrating another birthday I can’t say I’m thrilled about getting older.So I have decided I will be turning 30 for next 10 years.


Growing up I used to make a  big fuss over my birthdays, however, now I’d rather spend it at home with my family over an intimate dinner. This year my husband and kids prepared me a lovely dinner We had A HUGE CAKE the kids sang happy birthday and I love it.

So let’s talk about the Birthday outfit, shall we?

for starters, I had a class that day and yes Darling I wore my tiara to class.
I wore a white fitted lace dress and for a pop of color, I paired it with a fun yellow necklace since yellow represents new beginning and birthdays signifies new beginning to me. I also rocked a pair of (glass) clear heels.I guess you can say I was going for a modern Cinderella look. I felt like a princess all day!!



Shop the look

Contrast Trim Peep Toe Clear Chunky Heels

White Off The Shoulder Lace Dress

Grommet Lace Up Eyelash Lace Dress

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post

I just share my birthday pics with you /share yours with me on Instagram and tag me                                                        can’t wait to check them out!

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Hello stylish friends, I hope you are having a fabulous day!!  Today was such a beautiful sunny day out here in New York! The past few weeks was raining and cold, so I thought today I  better make the best out of it and write a post. (I know you’ve missed me right, believe me, I’ve miss yall too,

I have this awesome and chic denim dress that I’ve been looking forward to wearing since I bought it a month ago -I have been waiting for a nice warm day like today to do so,  since it was a little breezy this morning I paired it with a pair of ankle booties and an army jacket. by the way, I am obsessed with this army jacket it’s one of my favorite !!!





The dress I’m wearing in this post believe it or not it’s actually under $30!!! I know your probably thinking “no, shut the front door” but Darlin, it’s true,
this dress is a steal and now you can get yours- Darlin you’re welcome!


Shop the look

Blue Round Neck Denim Dress with Shredded Rips Details

Block Heel Peep-toe Ankle Boots

I love these black peep-toe ankle boots, they are so comfortable I can practically live in them, love love it!!

I found this dress online at a very affordable clothing site- you can Shop for Dresses at for more great finds!

Blue Ripped Raw Hem Denim Overall Dress With Pockets

I love this super cute denim dress!  Of course, the boxy style and distress look is one of my favorites and also very on trend right now.

Fray-Edge Half-Placket Denim Dress

so I saw this dress and fell in love, I couldn’t resist I had to order it.I can’t wait for my order to come so I can show yall. It’s also a great dress to have for right now and you could probably wear it all year round-I don’t know about you, but I will definitely be wearing this dress in the fall with my brown ankle boots and I’ll probably pair it with a leather jacket for added chicness.

Faux Denim Printed Round Collar 3 4 Sleeve Bodycon Dress

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and it  inspired you to purchase one of these cool dresses – if you like the items on this post pease let me know

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Stylish Trends Under $ 100 ! — March 25, 2017

Stylish Trends Under $ 100 !


When it comes to accessories statement pieces are my all time fav.
Ladies, a cool statement bag is your key accessories for adding pizzazz to your overall outfit. However, I would never consider purchasing a bag no matter how cool it looks if it is not practical. I personally need a bag that provides me with ample space to carry all my makeup and goodies
. Confession time: I carry everything but the kitchen sink in my bag

Set: Tasseled Bucket Bag + Faux Leather Shoulder BagSet: Tasseled Bucket Bag + Faux Leather Shoulder Bag

Prints Sale – All Items starting at $6 at! Ends 3/27

2.One Shoulder and –off-the-shoulder style.


This year’s favorite trend on the runway was the one-shoulder look.Ladies, This one is going to be phenomenon: the one-shoulder look comes in all sorts of delicious and flirty styles. The options range from From tops and dresses to jumpsuits, you’re sure to find a ton of options that will fit your style and budget.

Off The Shoulder Floral Crop Top   Wide Leg Pants

Get the Look


Yellow Ruffle Off The Shoulder Shift Dress – $16.99Yellow Ruffle Off The Shoulder Shift Dress

3.Want to make a statement this summer?  Well, I’ve got a super chill trend for you that will speak to your soul and your fashion sense!!

Darlings, welcome to Pajama dressing 101.

Before you start thinking ’ what the heck is up with shay -here me out Darlin, these stylish pajamas are a bit more sophisticated than the ones your grandma might be used to- so trust your girl on this one, wearing your sexy pajamas in public are very much on trend this season. So Whether you wear it as a set or separates follow my styling tips for pajama dressing and you will look effortlessly cool-that’s cooler than cool Babe!


Model instagram  j.scud@marielacanela photograph by @rkm_photography_


 Rule to Pajama Dressing

  1. for a casual stylish look chose a  colorful silk kimono-style robe. Belt it with a thin belt over a pair of ripped jeans, or wide leg pant to complete your look chose a pair of stylish heels, classy clutch or elegant bag- for a sophisticated and grown up vibe.
  2. I am obsessed with the matching pajama set look. If you’re going to nail this look its important that you have the right accessories -less is more when it come to jewelry and Your best bet would be to match your look with a pair of stilettos, or heels.
  3. Dos and don’t-do wear your pajama set with heels -don’t wear your pajama set with flip flop – to avoid looking like you’re going to a slumber party in the day time
    Pajama Dressing 101

Get the Look


Over the new knee boots are exactly a new thing- however, the distressed denim ripped look sure is. I am totally obsessing over this look .I surely hope this trend will stick around for another year or two.cause sugar, these boots are about to become part of my fashion uniform for this year.(I plan on wearing them till the heels fall of)  My favorite way to wear them is with a pair of cut off leather shorts with a vintage t-shirt and a modern or vintage blazer.

My favorite way to wear them is with a pair of cut off leather shorts with a vintage t-shirt and a modern or vintage blazer.

Get the Look

Distressed Denim Stiletto Boots DENIM

Denim Distressed Thigh Boots

Friends, Thank you so much for stopping by ! . I surely hope you’ve enjoyed this post Please  Let me know your thoughts below on the new trends I’ve shared with you,  let me know as well,  what you would like to see more of on this blog. looking forward to reading your comments and chatting with you. later Babes!!


Pajama Dressing 101 — March 24, 2017
Michelle Obama’s Fashion Legacy — January 12, 2017

Michelle Obama’s Fashion Legacy

Michelle Obama's Fashion Legacy

‘Some people are beautiful. Not in looks, not in what they say Just in what they are.’ – Markus Zusak

On exiting the white house Michelle Obama will be leaving behind a tremendous legacy as the first lady and as a style icon. As the first lady, Michelle inspired our nation, women of color and young people around the world to Reach for Higher education by staying in school and to complete their college education. Michelle Obama also encouraged us to be healthier human beings, to be engaged citizens by being a positive force in our communities, to lead and to stand up for our proud American values.

Michelle Obama Makes Two Narciso Rodriguez Pieces Look Like One Flawless Dress

As a fashion Icon Michele Obama’s legacy started nearly a decade ago, her beauty and style caught our attention from the moment she elegantly stepped out onto the presidential inaugural ball in 2009. She arrived poised with incredible style wearing a custom-made Jason Wu one-shoulder white gown, embellished with organza flowers and Swarovski crystal.The white gown she wore is now part of our nation’s history at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.


Right from the start, Michelle started to establish her public persona by using groundbreaking and powerful style to define her image. By simply being her poise and stylish self-Michelle has captivated the world and have become the most photographed first lady in American History.

Michelle Obama’s Stunning Outfits as Told by Designers Who Dressed Her

   When it comes to Michelle Obama style, here are a few of my favorite looks!


The first lady looks fierce, confident and trendy.I am obsessed with this outfit!



The color, the print, the Length, this dress screams Michelle Obama’s name -I love it!

Color Me Beautiful:

                      Michelle Obama Colorful Style Moments

Michelle is known for wearing daring cuts and bold colors these are two of my favorite jewel tone  Gowns worn by Michelle Obama-

         I just LOVE these cheerful vibrant dresses on her!

Michelle Obama Colorful  Style Moments

                   best Pictures of all Michelle Obama’s Gowns

Michelle Obama’s Style Evolution—8 Years in 120 Seconds | Vogue

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Golden Globes 2017 HIT and MISS — January 10, 2017

Golden Globes 2017 HIT and MISS

Golden Globes 2017 HIT and MISS


Kerry Washington in Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda

Kerry’s look was a  bit of let down, the placements of all the embellishments on this dress looked odd. Ladies. let’s be honest The dress was not flattering-  honestly, it’s time for  Ms. Kerry  to have a conversation with her stylist. This dress was a (Wham bam NO thank you ma’am) a red carpet “no no”.Sorry Kerr- Not feeling it.

Felicity looked lovely in this white and metallic dress by Georges Chakra, – she looks effortlessly stylish!

I’m Loving it all! Michelle looks absolutely stunning and trendy in this Louis Vuitton dress-l love the hair and the choker-yup!she nailed this look!

Viola Davis
Yes, yes, yes!  I’m loving this sunny and elegant dress on Viola Davis by Michael Kors.Awesome dress!

Sorry, Janelle! We’re not feeling the 80’s prom dress look with the matching 80’s updo-There’s  just a bit too much going on with this look…I admire my girl  Janelle for always willing to take a fashion risk but this one’s a miss.

I was not a total fan of this Versace creation –  the oversized gold pockets and the long trail is a bit much-this dress is not a Hit or a Miss -it’s borderline.I would prefer to see this look as a Jumper or pants suit, the pockets would make perfect sense if this was a jumper.I love the idea of what this dress could be.

No, no, no! I am not a fan of this dress, the plunging neckline, and the flowers left me scratching my head in wonder-To me this dress looks unfinished.

Naomie Harris looks Elegant and classy in this Armani Prive dress-I’m loving the cut, it flatters her figure perfectly!

Reese Witherspoon
if you love this gown as much I  do then you’re my kind of Gal-Reese Witherspoon looks radiant in this pale shade yellow gown-

Angela Bassett looked gorgeous in this Christian Siriano dress, this look fits her perfectly -love the color, love this look!

Issa Rae
Issa Rae looked phenomenal in this white fitted Christian Siriano gown-I absolutely love and want this dress!
I’m loving the yellow trend at the Golden globes this year- What’s is your favorite Golden  Globe 2017 red carpet look? trend?
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