Classy Date Night

So, you have a first or second date with a guy you like ! you/re feeling good about this date , and this time you want to look confident and dress to impress Remember there is a fine line between sexy and being too revealing? you can  reveal your sexy side and remain elegant.

Classy Date Night

The key to looking sesy elegant : starts with Choose which one of your best assets you want to show off-pick just one. you can showcase Either your legs,shape or a small bit cleavage.  If you choose legs show case them with a flirty skirt, or a flowy short dress, wear something slightly more conservative on top loose blouse paired with a stylish  blazer.


                  short hairWhen in doubt remember keep it classy and leave something to the imagination…this will  Keep him asking for more!

Flower print dress

Cami tank

High waisted skater skirt

Sling back pumps

Zipper handbag

He as

Kohl jewelry
Elegant solid point toe big bow ...

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                    Valentine’s Day Lookbook


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