Updating my closet for spring

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                   Adding stripe and spring colors to My Closet



Last year I did a complete wardrobe update and I was sure my wardrobe was completed I had a closet full of stylish  clothes that I felt  I couldn’t possibly live without, I had everything I wanted my wardrobe was “complete”. 

 However, this year I wanted to freshen up my style by adding colors and Floral Print Clothings to my wardrobe to reflect how I have been feeling lately ( happy and free). I do this every year, I come up with a new reason to buy new clothes. I have a feeling that’s probably NEVER gonna change, to be honest, I have all the basic items that I need I am pretty consistent with that. However, every season there’s always  SOMETHING new that I need or want, because  hey: a girls gotta shop.

Appealing Back Elastic Waist Floral Printed Midi-skirts – $13.69

floral printed midi skirts, Appealing Back Elastic Waist Floral Printed Midi-skirts

I love keeping up with some of the trends that are out and this year I was determined to do it on a budget. I gave my best shot, and succeeded!

                                                               Here’s how I did it.Well, I added  4 new  pastel color palette to my existing wardrobe’s Pink, mint, blue  coral, Including blazer and

Well, I added  4 new  pastel color palette to my existing wardrobe’s Pink, mint, blue  coral, Including blazer and jeans Pastels are always in for spring and easy to mix in with pretty much anything.I am such a sucker for stripe so I picked up  2 stripe shirt wich I can pretty much have fun wearing under a blazer or with a pencil  skirt or a stylish Cardigan

I love turquoise and coral shades of jewelry, so I picked up 2  statement pieces of jewelry with turquoise. I got  a comfortable pair of animal-printed flats since the one I got from last year are pretty much worn out so I figured it was time for a new pair. Here, in no particular order,  all of the items I’ve purchased because I absolutely must have them to express my new  happy and free self.Wink wink !!

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  stripe shirt 

So, the truth is I have posted several  outfits with stripe and so I was totally inspired to buy  something chic with stripes.

Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Stripe T-Shirt

so  I purchased 2 different stripe top.they are as lovely as they are comfortable.These 2  fab stripe shirts  can be  worn with a structured jacket over colorful  denim jeans, you can also mix it up with  a plain or floral skirt or shorts, you name it. (Well, mostly just over jeans and colors that match, but still:  it pretty much goes with everything in my closet and that’s good enough  for me… stripes are perfect – It was one of the best shopping decisions of my life, seriously.wink!


 mini  skirt

Although I own  quite a few mini  skirts,  well, I plan on buying a few more for spring since the ones I currently own are mostly very structured and none of them are printed. I wanted a skirt that is work-appropriate and can also be  casual for the weekend. I recently picked up a full striped skirt wich  Is featured below, I wanted to make the skirt work for going out after work with friends or my hubby, so I paired it with my black chiffon shirt, a Turquoise Ruched-Sleeve blazer  and a pretty gold and turquoise  necklace.I’m currently  on the HUNT for an Aztec printed skirt in tweed-like fabric like the one on the right– which I love, for the simple reason that it is striped and stylish  This one might just work, Its been ordered and should be arriving, sometime soon.…

WIN_20160308_151024what to wear 1

Fashionable Lapel Long Sleeve Solid Color Blazer hh


 Leopard print pointed flats

I personally prefer “pointed” shoes over round-toed, let’s just say 90 percent of my shoes are pointed toed  but from time to time  I’ve  compromised on that if the shoe is cute. It took me an entire year to find the perfect pair of pointed-toe leopard flats,  I wore out my last pair …there not even qualified to  be donated  trust me, you would agree if you saw them.

Leopard Casual Point Toe Flats

Leopard print flats  are a Must-Haves for your Spring Wardrobe works wel with  a preppy, girly, or boho look. Featured below are two cute casual look worn with skinny jeans, however, you can also Pair these awesome flats with a fitted  blazer and a pair of a structured skirt or slim-fit pair of slacks  for a more tailored look.

Woolen Wide Brim Hat

Solid Color Design Tote Bag For Women


So Finally, I snagged the perfect dresses  to add to my spring wardrobe wich I will feature them in my next fashion  post…Stay tuned for that ❤ !!

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 Got any tips or questions on updating your closet for spring you’d like to tell me about please do so in the comment below.

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