Beauty Tips: get perfect eyelashes!!

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        Apply Mascara Like a Pro


Mascara, applied correctly, can bring definition and drama and draw attention to your eyes

I Never leave the house without putting on mascara even when I am not wearing make-up I will always put on a little bit of mascara because of how well it emphasize the shape of my eyes and accentuate my lashes.

In fact, mascara can transform your look from day to evening from classy to bold depending on the color and how it is applied.

1.Follow these tips



  1. Avoid messy, clumpy and smearing mascara by applying it last, Applying mascara should be the last step of your makeup routine. It will help you avoid having to wipe away your already made perfect makeup or shadow.

Finally, remember mascara has to be applied in steps to avoid clumpy eyelashes refrain from dipping the wand into the bottle too often, two dips per eye will suffice. To add even more drama to your eyelashes apply a coat of black eyeliner to the upper lash line of your eyes, the end result will be dramatic and bold eyes.

I hope these tips will help you in getting the most from your lashes. 

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Xo Shay

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