Thrift Haul of fall 2016

Greetings friends!  I just did my first thrift haul ever- Yay Me! I stopped by my favorite Goodwill on my day off today and  found a few great fashion pieces to add to my fall collection. I got lucky today yall, I found 3 great tops they were brand spanking new with the tags still attached,I  spent about $25 but walked away with over $100 in retail!

I found a leopard dress I absolutely love and an H$M that i plan to wear all year round,these 2 items were two of my favorites from today’s thrift finds so I thought I’d show you how I would style them ! Without further ado, here are those 2  pieces I absolutely love .


I am in love with this dress This $8.00 thrift store animal print dress would also look great with a blazer, too!
I love it when I find these awesome little treasures in the thrift store
 and you can buy similar style from  Fashionmia looks very similar to my dress !   Leopard Hot Round Neck Bodycon-dress – $20.99 from: Fashionmia, Inc. 

Leopard Hot Round Neck Bodycon-dress

Goodwill fashion Week -The biggest fashion event of the year!

Goodwill union square is inviting the public to a free Fashion Week Event where local fashion blogger Shay/ Sheila Matthews reveal how you can pull together a designer look in creative ways  at an affordable price.

The “Fashion week Goodwill fashion event “ will take place Saturday 9/17 from 11 to3 p.m. at the Union Square NY Goodwill store at 7 W 14th St (212) 206-1619 Find directions at goodwill union square.

Come Hang out with me!

The event will feature looks and styles pulled by yours truly. I will be available for personal styling and help attendees find creative ways to pull the perfect look to express their creative selves using goodwill merchandises. Shoppers will also be able to purchase hand-picked items featuring special fashion pieces pulled by SHAY Matthews. All proceeds from this event will help fund educational and work programs that assist families in finding suitable work and training leading to better careers.

So darling, Join me this weekend for fashion, fun, and laughter as I guide you through ways to  getting  designer looks at affordable prices during the biggest fashion event of the year.

Hope to see y’all there! 🙂




Fashion week Goodwill event update

sep 9/17/06

Dearest friends, the one thing every girl need is a fab outfit  in their wardrobe, I wore this chic ensemble to the GW event today.I found this Gorgeous fitted pencil skirt by JFB that  I’m am totally obsessing over .I felt  like a million bucks  in this skirt. I love the length, the metallic color and it fits perfectly around the waist.


I  plan on wearing this beauty everywhere this upcoming fall and winter . This skirt is the perfect addition to any wardrobe !

Darlin, Youll definitely be seeing me in this skirt again! it’s one of my best bargain finds and worth every penny.


One of the most versatile items you can add to your wardrobe is a pair of silver strap sandals.I totally adore this Ankle Strap Heels by JOE’S, it’s super chic and very comfy!


joesI had a blast styling the Customers who signed up to meet with me for a consultation at the GW party Today! Styling, and meeting new and interesting women  today was really fun, I can‘t wait to do it again next year.


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