New Year,New Style Ahead

Wishing you all 365 days of fun, joy,  Amazing health. May your cup runneth over in 2017 with style bountiful luxury and prosperity so you can be a blessing to someone else xoxo SHAY!!


For starters thank you to all my amazing fashionistas for following me and allowing me to be your quirky creative sidekick and fashionista superhero-ness. The reality is in 2016 my personal life and  career path has not been as fascinating  as I had hoped, there were a few unexpected challenges  and bump on the road I had to overcome, 2016 made me stronger and I am better for it.the highlight of this year was I learned to laugh at myself and not sweat the small stuff.

2016 indeed was an interesting ride yall. career was a bit challenging but through it all blogging and sharing my style with you Darlins brought me tremendous joy Bottom line our time together was epic!

Here is A short RECAP of my 2016  hit and miss

 5 Things I’ve Learned and had to overcome in 2016

1.lacefront wigs almost sent my edges to EXILE

last winter Lace fronts wigs were often a quick fix for me, it was an easy way to spruce up my look and keep my head nice and warm during the cold winter days with little or no fuss. 

WIN_20160308_121834  WIN_20160316_143706

 I thought  I found the perfect solution to my morning hair drama by wearing my cool and stylish wigs until my( baby hair) edges started disappearing.

 suddenly here I was standing in front of the mirror almost in tears, wondering “What the heck is up with my edges!?

The Reality is. lace fronts wigs are not at all good for your edges, Whether your hair is natural or relaxed, the best advice I can give you is to wear a silk or satin cap to protect your edges. 

My Edges Today, are doing much better Due to Better Styling Choices. I’ve  stylishly been braiding my natural hair since last summer and currently staying  away from dyes and chemicals.


 Here are my top favorite hair products for natural and relaxed hair!

♥ John Freida-Frizz-Ease repair conditioning shampoo -this product detangles and leaves your hair soft and manageable.

Wow a product that actually does what it says- I style my hair with Shea moisture coconut &Hibiscus (this product actually does exactly what it says) it leaves your hair feeling soft and wonderfully moisturized.Give it a try

2. I’ve learned how to Stay Happy Around Negative People and stay Focus On the Good

Dealing with negativity have always been a real challenge for me. Bottom line? It sucks to work with negative people and for years I struggled with how to manage my interactions with them without losing my cool.until now,

yes, imagine me singing and doing the happy dance right now!  I am thrilled for myself because I’ve finally found the perfect strategy to keep a happy state of mind and truly be my happy go lucky self.I found that When you truly understand and value yourself,  you can easily brush off negativity and  Focus On the Good.

(after a very long struggle) dealing with these energy vampires who try to suck out my positive energy and drain me with their fangs of unwanted and unkindly words  -I’m finally free.


♥ 3.

I’ve learned to Take a Stand-

I made a promise to God and a conscious decision to stop letting negative thoughts inside my head. I just refused to get negative and started monitoring my thoughts closely. I began replacing my negatives thoughts with good thoughts, At first this challenge was exhausting because my thoughts were on auto pilot.As I continued on my path these 2  quotes kept creeping into my subconscious “If you can manage your own life, then you can effectively  manage other people’I knew if I can conquer myself than the rest would be a piece of cake, I’ve always believed the saying  that “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” within and so day by day and bit by bit I conquered the enemy within.

now imagine me doing the moonwalk screaming “just beat It” I am so happy right now.

♥ 4.

I’ve learned to Seek Happiness-

 I kept fuelling myself with positive books, music and started looking for the good in everything especially in myself. I distant myself from negative conversations, tv shows and people in general. I was determined and grew obsessed with winning this battle. within a few short months, I noticed my thought pattern started to change. I am thankful I no longer live my life replaying people’s negative remarks in my head all day trying to figure out why people acted the way they did. Yes, these days I am free from those nagging thoughts,  I’ve completely distance myself from the Vampires.  Yup. I am much happier I’m Free!!


I got a new attitude 

I have said goodbye  to the old, The New Year is here, 2017 for me means new opportunity, I have a “you go girl attitude”.I have reinvented myself, I am focus on my success and fiercely looking forward to take over the fashion world and making a name for myself and you are welcome to come along for the ride!

I am looking to network and collaborate with other creative Artist, photographers, singers designers, writers and IT professionals .

I am looking to break out into television as an On-Air Host/Personality Style Commentator, I am also looking to publish my self-help book on being optimistic and looking to introduce my super funky chic fashion line to the world.

What are your three elements for staying optimistic

                                       Looking forward to reading your comments

                                                     so please Keep em coming!

                                                                XOXO SHAY!!


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