Golden Globes 2017 HIT and MISS

Golden Globes 2017 HIT and MISS


Kerry Washington in Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda

Kerry’s look was a  bit of let down, the placements of all the embellishments on this dress looked odd. Ladies. let’s be honest The dress was not flattering-  honestly, it’s time for  Ms. Kerry  to have a conversation with her stylist. This dress was a (Wham bam NO thank you ma’am) a red carpet “no no”.Sorry Kerr- Not feeling it.

Felicity looked lovely in this white and metallic dress by Georges Chakra, – she looks effortlessly stylish!

I’m Loving it all! Michelle looks absolutely stunning and trendy in this Louis Vuitton dress-l love the hair and the choker-yup!she nailed this look!

Viola Davis
Yes, yes, yes!  I’m loving this sunny and elegant dress on Viola Davis by Michael Kors.Awesome dress!

Sorry, Janelle! We’re not feeling the 80’s prom dress look with the matching 80’s updo-There’s  just a bit too much going on with this look…I admire my girl  Janelle for always willing to take a fashion risk but this one’s a miss.

I was not a total fan of this Versace creation –  the oversized gold pockets and the long trail is a bit much-this dress is not a Hit or a Miss -it’s borderline.I would prefer to see this look as a Jumper or pants suit, the pockets would make perfect sense if this was a jumper.I love the idea of what this dress could be.

No, no, no! I am not a fan of this dress, the plunging neckline, and the flowers left me scratching my head in wonder-To me this dress looks unfinished.

Naomie Harris looks Elegant and classy in this Armani Prive dress-I’m loving the cut, it flatters her figure perfectly!

Reese Witherspoon
if you love this gown as much I  do then you’re my kind of Gal-Reese Witherspoon looks radiant in this pale shade yellow gown-

Angela Bassett looked gorgeous in this Christian Siriano dress, this look fits her perfectly -love the color, love this look!

Issa Rae
Issa Rae looked phenomenal in this white fitted Christian Siriano gown-I absolutely love and want this dress!
I’m loving the yellow trend at the Golden globes this year- What’s is your favorite Golden  Globe 2017 red carpet look? trend?
                          Leave your comments down below and let’s chat!!

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