Happy Birthday To Me!!


Hellooooo my fashionable friends welcome back to my blog. I hope you’ve been well.

So last week Thursday was my birthday, yippie!! I turned 30 for the umptif


For some reason Birthdays always make me emotional,  However, to be honest ever since I’ve turned  30 birthdays only reminds me of how much I have yet to still accomplish in my life.

Although I am thrilled to be celebrating another birthday I can’t say I’m thrilled about getting older.So I have decided I will be turning 30 for next 10 years.


Growing up I used to make a  big fuss over my birthdays, however, now I’d rather spend it at home with my family over an intimate dinner. This year my husband and kids prepared me a lovely dinner We had A HUGE CAKE the kids sang happy birthday and I love it.

So let’s talk about the Birthday outfit, shall we?

for starters, I had a class that day and yes Darling I wore my tiara to class.
I wore a white fitted lace dress and for a pop of color, I paired it with a fun yellow necklace since yellow represents new beginning and birthdays signifies new beginning to me. I also rocked a pair of (glass) clear heels.I guess you can say I was going for a modern Cinderella look. I felt like a princess all day!!



Shop the look

Contrast Trim Peep Toe Clear Chunky Heels

White Off The Shoulder Lace Dress

Grommet Lace Up Eyelash Lace Dress

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post

I just share my birthday pics with you /share yours with me on Instagram and tag me                                                        can’t wait to check them out!

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