The perfect outfit for spring weddings

 Welcome back friends, How lovely to have you here with me once again!

Wow, its wedding season already! I’ve just got a wedding invitation a week ago and while it’s exciting to get a wedding invitation in the mail, figuring what to wear is not quite that exciting.

I’ll admit it, finding the right dress for a  wedding can be a bit tricky especially if you’re on a budget. There’s also the pressure to look great ( if you’re anything like meyou will want to Fashionably slay RIGHT?

Well, Congratulations! Once again you‘ve come to the right place!  I’ve got you covered today I’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts, with my expert styling tips …guaranteed you will be the best-dressed there aside from the bride, of course!

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 so grab a snack and a cup of tea and come back co’s Today on shays fashion closet it’s going down!        

Here are the dos and don’ts for figuring out what to wear to a wedding.

A Casual Backyard or Outdoor Wedding

DO: Wear light flowy pastel color dresses you want to be comfortably chic. You can even go sleeveless and wear flats -depending on the weather or how cool or how warm it might be on that day.

what to wear to a casual wedding,

I found similar styles here!

You might even be able to wear a pantsuit the key here is to be elegantly chic yet simplified. I especial love this designer floral dress below  Keepsake Pink Do It Right Dress  for a casual wedding. This is the kind of dress I would recommend you to wear if you are looking for something fun an girly and yet on the comfy side.  I would pair this with nude heels A  light burgundy clutch a pair of drop encrusted earrings or emerald studs earrings will also compliment this dress very well.

Keepsake Pink Do It Right Dress

DON’T: Overdo it. If the dress code state casual Generally speaking it means business casual or cocktail day dress. remember to follow the brides’ guidelines. I would not recommend outdressing the bride. So definitely save the fancy dressing for another occasion!

what to wear to a casual wedding,
For the jumpsuit look, I would go with a slightly pulled back hairstyle with loose curls, you can also pair these jumpsuits with a cape blazer for a modern and fashion-forward look.If your hair is long, opt for an updo, or a side over the shoulder ponytail with tousled curls. 

The Hottest Rompers & Jumpsuits, Low To $3.85

Effortless and chic!  You’ll feel elegant and chic while wearing this Jill Jill Stuart Red Strapless Jumpsuit
that I Found while browsing online.This red designer jumpsuit is classy and elegant.

Alright, ladies lets get Fancy and get ready to catch the bouquet!!

Here’s What to wear to a Black Tie Wedding

DO: Choose something fancy and glamorous like a formal dress or pantsuit you can even go for a  floor-length gown -.since this usually means the wedding will most likely be an evening affair.This is the perfect setting for incorporating a  statement bags and jewels to your outfit.

Nude Sequined Strapless Sweetheart Bodycon Mermaid Maxi Party Dress

DON’T: “Try not to overdo it with the jewelry or make-up, or wear anything that’s too elaborate “These looks work only at your prom” “This type of formal settings calls for a classy sophisticated natural look. Therefore think Hollywood glamour and red carpet.Choose accessories that are appropriate. ladies save the club look for new years eve, Your makeup should be classy and tasteful.

A-Line Round Appliques Pearls Ribbons Mini Prom Dress

I am obsessed with this gown below, I love the lace and elegant feel, the sexy split and bow detail at the waist scream  Hollywood glamor. As far as hairstyles go, an updo would be a perfect choice here. you obviously will want to show off the neckline of the dress so therefore, I would go for an updo or side-swept style for an elegant and polished look.

Black V Back Ruched Slit Floor Length Party Dress

                           Updos to Try This Wedding Season

These up-do will add elegance and sophistication to your look.When it comes to finding an ideal hairstyle for your occasion, consider the style of the dress you will be wearing.

Apricot Spaghetti Straps V Neck Slit Sequin Party Dress

A Few Extra Tips:

White Tie-When it comes to wedding invitations, ladies,pay close attention to the dress code, understanding the difference between black and a white tie event is key. “White tie usually means very formal think the Oscars or Grammys, I recommend the finest jewelry and shoes, floor-length ball gowns are a must “this is the time to bring out the Hollywood diva in you”.Finding a dress for these kinds of fancy events can be tricky and therefore, Remember you can always rent a designer dress if you don’t currently have the budget to buy an expensive gown.

Black Tie-my favorite type because it allows a little more wiggle room to be flexible. you can wear short or long dresses, you can even mix it up and wear women tailored tuxedo suit, for these occasions think red carpet music awards. you have lots of options -you can wear a short gown or a long fitted dress you can accessories go glamour or formal. The choice is yours!

 Style quiz

let’s see whos been paying attention!

where would you wear the dress below, a formal wedding, a casual wedding, a beach wedding or an outdoor wedding?

Extra Credit

What style of hair, shoes or accessories would you recommend?

share your tips and answers in the comment below!

Keepsake Lost Dreams Dress

Still, want to know more about how to wear the latest trends? there are more great tips available for you  see the lookbook guide for summer, spring —pretty much all year round!


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