MY All-Time Favorite Memories from Brooklyn N.Y Fashion Week !!

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OMG Wow, its been a busy month for me. Having to plan my daughters birthday party and getting ready for Brooklyn fashion week I barely had time to sleep, a lot goes into a planning a successful fashion show.This year I had the pleasure of styling the Brooklyn Fashion week runway, Witch kicked off in Kings plaza Mall in New York .Participating in this event took a lot of prepping , and you can see some of the highlights on my instagram posts.


so, Fashion Week Brooklyn (FW|BK) is a bi-annual international collection show showcasing the talent of aspiring and established designers from across the globe.


However, Fashion Week Brooklyn Kicked off this year by collaborating  with Kings Plaza Mall and various retailers within the mall to showcase the hottest trends for spring and summer 2018. This year we’ve successfully put together one of the biggest mall fashion show ever featuring models from across the US.


Fashion Dresses

he Preparation

This was My first experience styling for 3 retailers at a fashion show. BKFW altough a bit nerve racking the experience was fun, the models where down to earth, at times I felt like I was playing dress-up with friends.When I wasn’t fitting the models I was doing research, there is  a lot a manual labor that went into preparing for the show  of course, so If you’ve ever dream of being a part of something like this please do your homework.


Going into this experience I really didn’t have any expectations, I was called in 4 days before the show to put these looks together, and only had 4hrs total for fitting,However, after the fitting, I remember feeling really great about the looks I pulled.


Hearing the crowd cheered and clap  when my looks hit the runway was confirmation that my hard work and my vision came together. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment and relief when it was all over. It felt like I was holding my breath the entire show; after the final walk through I excelled a big sigh of relief and actually, now that its over I’m ready to it all over again!!


Here’s a quick slide show of what went on backstage and on stage.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Final walk trough with (me and the models)

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