How to master the urban chick style


Hello and Happy New Year friends hope you’ve all been well!!

Shay here, welcome back to a another round of fashion tea.

  This weeks topic was recommended by a follower on IG! Today we are talking about the anatomy of urban wear and few tips and tricks that may make it easier to nail this particular look .

As I stroll through the internet looking for urban style i was surprised what i stumbled upon. Although I found myself gravitating towards all kind of different stylish looks, ooing and awing over the latest fashion trends from some of the best bloggers out there, I realize that none of them where really truly embodied the urban look  or even close.


Picture of model style by me I call this look Urban chic.

I see plenty of street styles and boho chic styles all claiming to be urban but are not. Although, the  bloggers i found online  all look fantastic in their fashion attire ‘while twirling around and posing fiercely in colorful vintage outfits, holding their Starbucks coffee” very rarely did I stumble upon a true urbanista . I know they’re probably out there, girlfriend- however I haven’t found any yet.

Well, if you happen to know of one or two urban bloggers please share their info below. Cause, Inquiring minds want to know, Darlin 🙂

This look is boho often mistaken for urban

So let’s start with the basics -What is Urban fashion

The Urban look like every other look varies. We have Urban street wear, Urban chick, Urban hip hop and everything in between.

Urban style should be a combination of old black Harlem street style mixed with modern and hip hop style. Although main Street fashion have adopted this style as theirs- please know this trend was inspired by Black fashion forward folks from Harlem. You can read more about the history of Urban fashion here if you’re interested and if you are a urban blogger you should definitely know the history of this trend.

The above picture is perfect example of Urban vintage

How to master the urban look

I have noticed especially in New York that the Urban style is the most popular sought after look among bloggers, artists and fashion trendy folks,.

To pull this look off requires certain patterns of fabric, a particular hair style that defines the overlook and a certain type of cool and artsy accessories, it’s no wonder this style can be tricky to pull off, Until now Darlin, because I have listed all the staple pieces you’ll need to turn yourself into a total Urbanista.

The urban street-look requires 3 key elements

  • Hip hop clothing such as joggers rip jeans and boyfriend Jeans
  • sporty chick top mix with chunky and modern jewelry
  • To perfectly execute his look think of mixing sporty and modern than add your own spin to it.

See pics below for inspiration

For a unique urban look I recommend adding these 5 key items to your look.

1.Lets start with a cool hair style and hair accessories that represent your unique style

sheila urbanIMG_7173

2.picking a style

choose from baggy ,sporty, preppy, sultry, or vintage chic

overall banner

urban chic


urban  chic(sporty)

















urban vintage

triped pants

cheat sheet-for urban street style combine  hoodiesbomber jackets,  track pants, , and sneakers. any  1990s hip-hop fashion, mix with current style will get you on the right track


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