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The purpose of this page is to help you grow as a conscious human being.

As you might already know Part of having a good life and feeling good is having a positive attitude. Knowing and understanding how your actions thoughts words and feelings impact your life, others and the environment — will help you to understand how you can start to create a better life for yourself. The main focus of  conscious living is to help you leave your best life, in terms of health, spirituality and living in harmony with yourself and the world around you. 

How to grow in  consciousness

conscious life

Conscious growth occurs when you practice and adopt certain values and follow certain core principles that promote conscious growth. When you become conscious of these principles and start to adapt them to your daily life you will begin to experience a more fulfilled life.

The benefits of these principals are:

1. you will notice a positive change and start to experience positive outcome in your life 2.The minute you start using them You can use these principals to improve any area in your life such as relationships, health, finance, and the world around you.

The seven core principles of growth are:


Live in reality and see reality for what it is. free yourself from the limitations of false beliefs-We alter our views of reality when we let our emotions, ego or fear guide our decisions or thinking,

One of my favorite video the power of words explain this principal in a clever  way


you can only love others when you truly love yourself- feel good about yourself and explore deeper connections with others- sometimes personal beliefs and values affect the way we view and treat others, when you learn to love yourself without prejudice or judgment you will figure out how to love others.


Do You really want it? do you know how to get? I’ve heard ” first, you get the money then you get the power then you get the respect” Wrong!! cliches are so cliche.Lol, money comes from self-discipline and making the right choices, respect comes from building strong relationship and power comes from doing both consistently for a long period of time.

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Be one with the world around you and Stop creating resistance. resistance is likely to make you sensitive to criticism and keep you from connecting with others. I notice that some people are always suspicious and distrusting of people they don’t know – Most folks think they are protecting themselves by thinking in this way -what they don’t know is that they are creating resistance. Having discernment is the answer to resistance.

creating strong boundaries

creating strong boundaries help you to be more trusting and make strong and lasting friendships and relationships, having boundaries put you in the driver seat and allows you to take command of your life.


“Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.”― Robert Tew

It takes courage to live in this world -courage helped you take your second step as a child even after you fell- always remember to Act in spite of your fear. when I feel fear coming on -I always Ask myself “what would I do if I were brave” and the motivation to be courageous always come.

Find you passion 

“If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.” —Wanda Sykes

Watch this hilarious and inspiring short video on getting back on the right path

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by Sheila Matthews

For those of us who are fully conscious or even semi- conscious we know that Energy is everywhere and that we are also Energy beings-That means we are spirit beings, not just a meat-suit of walking flesh and bones.So therefore in order for us to heal our physical bodies as conscious spirit beings, we only need to apply the right energy healing procedure in order the create or reach the right vibration that connects us with the healing and well-being energy we seek.

I know for some this may sound like mumble jumble or wishful thinking.  A majority of people in the world are guided by the teachings of modern medicine wich prescribes drugs and pills for relieving physical and psychological health-related symptoms.what modern medicine fail to tell you is that every physical or psychological symptom that one experiences come from a lack of low-vibrating imbalance of energy field.

process food, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol, smoking, Anger, fear frustration, stress anxiety are all imbalances energy field that impacts the physical body in an unhealthy way.

Using Energy for healing

Energy healing is an ancient practice its been around since the beginning of time. Modern science however although they are aware of research that proves that energy healing is productive most doctors rarely uses energy healing. However, there are more doctors today that are open to the idea of energy healing as an alternative to modern medicine. Conscious doctors recognize that a patient’s mindset has much to do with their physical well being and will even prescribe holistic meditation and relaxation as a form of treatment for promoting healing.

The difference between High-vibrating energy and  low-vibrating energy 

Egyptians and practically every ancient society new that High-vibrating positive energy promoted healing; and low-vibrating negative energy hinders healing.Our ancestor was more aware of what physical healing was. They knew and understood the invisible power that thought had over psychological and physical mal-ease and well-being. They also knew that there was more to healing than applying bandages or using medicine.  

Good Vibes as I and other folks call it even though it’s invisible you can still feel it  whenever  you walk into a room , you can instantly feel the mood and energy of that room whether it is  happy,  enthusiastic, anxious, angry etc, and according to how you may be feeling at that particularly moment you may embrace, or repel  the energy of the people in that room.

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