Consultation- consist of a sit-down with me  to discuss the look you would like to achieve. I will  ask you a series of questions while you browse through a series of constructed fashion look book. The consultation takes place at the clients or a designated place or you may  have a phone consultation. For the phone consultation to be effective you need to provide me with  your sizes,  thenIi will proceed to  create you a Pinterest Board of sampled looks.
Price: $100 Per Hour ( Minimum 3 Hours) does  not include merchandise. Product budgets will be negotiated based upon needs
Photo Shoots/ Editorial / Boutique Styling ranges from $75- $200 per hour. ( Minimum 4 Hours) Additional prices may apply for pulling merchandise 
All Services require a full  payment prior to scheduled date. 
Blog Features on are $200 flat rate. These promotions are open to businesses such as  Beauty, Fashion and Home Decor
Payment must be made via PayPal prior to post to