Back to school Essential-Every Fashion Girl Needs Right Now!

Well hey there Fashion Closet best-friends!!

So,  here we are again to talk about back to school and early fall trends. I know what you’re thinking “yikes! it’s back to school already!” well Darling yes it is!

Is anyone else  feeling  like 2018  has been on Fast Forward, seemed like Summer just started last week and now it’s almost fall?I feel like i’m constantly time traveling to the future.   

It is funny how fashion trends seems to be doing the same thing lately, however instead of traveling to the future fashion trends are traveling back from the past and  around again to the present with a new spin. I call it the 90″s revival trend!

This fall Designers have salvaged, remixed and  reinvented some of my favorite classic styles from the 90’s -because of-course they understand some styles we just can’t leave without!!

so here are the top 90’s revival fall trends I am currently  noticing.

ripped embellished jeans-and-a-white-tee

I usually pair mine with a pair  metallic kicks.Want these gorgeous embellished  jeans?

Here’s where you can snap them up,  SHOP NOW  ‘though you’ll have to be quick because there going fast!

Ripped Jeans with Rhinestone Detail

Sliver Fringed Pointed Toe Vintage Lace-up Women’s Oxfords Brogues

By the way best-friend If you’re looking for outfit ideas for work or a date Go have a look at the ‘shop/lookbook’ page right now and you’ll see what I mean.

Denim  Overall Dress, Overall denim pants,overall anything

i’m here for it!

Frayed Hem Ripped Denim Overall Dress

I personally like to wear my overall dresses  with a pair of  preppy loafers or a pair  stylish ankle boots with a classic blouse.

Confession time, I personally love wearing overalls especially during those time when I feel all bloated and need to hide my tummy area-hey i’ts nothing to be ashamed of  Because let’s be real: #bloatinghappens

Slip Overall Pants

What do you get when mix the tuxedo pant,  and a 90’s track pant? Answer :

3.the side-stripe trousers.

triped pants

Split Side Stripe Wide Leg Pants
 and side striped skirts are one of my favorite trend for this fall. I first noticed this trend on the gram last fall. This fall this trend will

definitely be taking over .

I own the ankle cropped ones from Zara I practically leave in mines. on warmer days I  pair mines with a classy  fresh white t-shirt  with loafers.

you can dress them up  by pairing it with a relaxed blazer and pointy heels.

Split Side Stripe Wide Leg Pants

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Well Best-friends, If Feeling inspired to try on the latest trend? Check out the Style guide  here.


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later Babes!!



My favorite colors mixes for Spring!

 I’m excited to share this latest post with you as I am counting down the days to warmer weather!
Yes, spring is officially on its way so I will share a few of my all-time personal favorite colors mix for Spring to help you shake things up a bit.
My favorite color mixes for Spring!
 Lime green (Neon yellow) and yellow are my all time favorite colors and also one the most underrated colors for spring. This shade of green is easy on the eyes,  uplifting, fun, and feminine. Although it isn’t a color you might think to add to your wardrobe, it’s definitely one of the few colors you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe to brighten up your look for spring.

Light Green Sleeveless V Neck Sexy Maxi Chiffon Dress

Endless Rose Alison Knit Skirt SK0279

 If your wardrobe is already made up of neutral pieces consider adding Neyon or yellow accessories for a  pop of color. Neon Yellow is Such a fun color for spring,   owning coat in that color is a great way to wear it now.
Spring  Essential-Every Fashion Girl Needs Right Now!
 Adding color to your look is easier than you’d think! A pop of color looks s great even when wearing your favorite neutral outfit. To brighten up this outfit, I would simply pair it with a Neon bag. You can also Try a bright yellow belt or a blouse with neon trims.
Keep in mind that layering a neon cardigan over a neutral blouse is also a great way to add colors to your style.

Khaki Lapel Double-breasted Wool Longline Coat – $49.99

from: choies

 Adding these key items to your look will brighten your wardrobe and lift your mood.
pops of yellow

Black White Polka Dot Spaghetti Strap Back Hole Straight Jumpsuit

Do you know it’s been scientifically proven that wearing this shade of green and yellow will make you feel happier? yes, Darlin its true!

According to Health Magazine and a study conducted by the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam adults reported feeling happier around these two colors.

So What do you think about Neon for spring? Will you wear it this season?

Xoxo Shay


Fashion For A Cause: Warby Parker

Sun Collective

Fashion For A Cause: Warby Parker

The whole story begins with you

You buy a pair of Warby Parker glasses.


We tally up the number of glasses sold and make a monthly donation to our nonprofit partners, which covers the cost of sourcing that number of glasses.


The nonprofit trains men and women in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses to their communities at affordable prices.

Go forth

These men and women work hard to spread awareness and make eye care available to their communities.

for every pair sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need

Glamorous lace crop top
$19 –

Balmain wool jacket
$1,850 –

Moncler shorts

BKE Sole platform shoes

Bib necklace

Authentic Models home decor
$275 –

Sun Collective